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It is said that the rowing machine is good, what is a good way? 5 ways to tell you the benefits of rowing machines

This year, due to special reasons, more people understand that a healthy body is more important than gold and silver jewelry. Home sports has also become the most popular way of exercising nowadays. Rowing machines are undoubtedly the home sports that many people choose.

Whether it is a celebrity or a gym coach, they are recommending you to use a rowing machine, and they are all saying that a rowing machine is good, so what is a good rowing machine? So good? Today we will analyze from 5 aspects.

01. Whole body muscle exercise

The rowing machine can stimulate 84% of the muscles to participate in sports. The entire rowing action involves all the major muscle groups of the upper and lower body, including: legs, core, back, and arms.

When you start to pull the oars, kick out your legs, your gastrocnemius, quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and other muscle groups will be exercised. Pull your hands to your lower chest and tilt your body slightly back. Your arm muscles, core muscles, latissimus dorsi, trapezius and other muscle groups will be exercised.

When you begin to back paddle, the action returned to the starting position, then you just force all the muscles will begin to relax rebound, while folding the abdominal muscles stretch, hamstring force to help the body move forward, legs Tendons and abdominal muscles get stretching exercises.

02, both aerobic and anaerobic can practice

Rowing machine is one of the most challenging aerobic and anaerobic exercises in all sports. Its benefits are not only to exercise the whole body muscles, but also to exercise our cardiovascular function

Like running, cycling, etc., we can control the intensity of exercise by the speed of rowing. If it is low to medium intensity, it is more to exercise cardiovascular function, if it is high intensity, it is more to exercise muscle strength and endurance . The combination of the two is the familiar high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which also exercises muscles and has a better fat burning effect.

03, calorie consumption "artifact"

The rowing machine is a high-efficiency fat-burning device. According to different age, weight and heart rate conditions, it can burn up to 600-1000 calories per hour when rowing , which is much higher than running, cycling, elliptical machines and other equipment.

Because of this, many fat-reducing clubs in many cities, CrossFit and others have also incorporated rowing machines into their daily training programs. Even many Hollywood actors use rowing machines to reduce weight during filming when they need to lose weight quickly

04, save valuable time

For modern fast-paced life, the normal end of get off work has to be until 6 o'clock, plus commuting, cooking, eating, often time is very tight, if your current life is like this, then the rowing machine is very suitable for you.

You only need to take out 20 minutes of rowing a day to have an effect on cardiorespiratory function, endurance and health . If combined with HIIT high-intensity interval training for 20 minutes, all muscles will be exercised and the calorie burning effect after exercise will be activated . Stimulates the metabolism, allowing you to burn fat efficiently even while sleeping.

05, low impact and low damage

Injuries to our joints are often irreversible and cannot be fully recovered. If you have been injured and get older, the mobility of the joints will be affected. If you want to exercise at this time, it is recommended to choose low-impact, low-injury exercises to the joints.

The most important and easily overlooked feature of the rowing machine is its low-impact and uncompressed function. Unlike standing running, skipping rope, etc., its movement trajectory on the knee joint is moving forward and backward, and the pressure on the knee joint is equal to zero. It can also get rehabilitation and exercise during activities.

Therefore, rowing is very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people with weak joints, or those who have just recovered from an injury and are doing rehabilitation training.

In "House of Cards", actor Kevin Spacey likes to metaphorically refer to boating as an opponent. You can find many different meanings in every boating. The writer Helen Keller likes to use boating to decompress, in the sound of water Feel the tranquility of rowing, star Gareth Bale likes to use rowing for daily training to improve endurance and cardiorespiratory function when kicking.

For different people, boating has different benefits, so for you, what is the biggest benefit of boating for you?

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